Vol 28, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


The Effects on Antioxidant Enzyme Systems in Rat Brain Tissues of Lead Nitrate and Mercury Chloride PDF
Hatice Baş, Suna Kalender, Hatice Karaboduk, Fatma Gökçe Apaydın
Growth Factor-Collagen Relationship in Wound Healing PDF
Barbaros Balabanlı, Şule Cevher, Fatma Küçük
EGF Impact on Glycosaminoglycan Levels of the Brain PDF
Barbaros Balabanlı, Zeynep Tıktık, Tuba Balaban


Spin-polarized ground state properties of Cr2AlX (X=C, N and B) ceramics PDF
Sezgin Aydin


An Economical and Green Synthesis of Spiro[diindeno[1,2-b:2,1-e]pyridine-11,3-indoline]-trione Derivatives through Multi-Component Reaction by Br¢nsted Acidic Ionic Liquid Catalyst PDF
Majid M. Heravi, Zeinab Teymuri, Narges Karimi, Yahya S. Beheshtiha, Niloofar Tavakoli
The Rhizoma polypodii extract prevents lipid peroxidation and protects the unsaturated fatty acids in the environment with radical sourced oxidations PDF
Hatice Akkaya, Okkes Yilmaz


Erratum to the paper "Some Classes of Kenmotsu manifolds with respect to semi-symmetric metric connection" PDF
D. G. - Prakasha, Aysel Turgut Vanli, C. S. - Bagewadi, D. A. Patil
On A Fixed Point Theorem with PPF Dependance in the Razumikhin Class PDF
Mohammad Saeed Khan, Pankaj Kumar Jhade
Connections between Legendre with Hermite and Laguerre Matrix Polynomials PDF
Ayman Shehata
Weighted approximation by the q-Szász-Schurer-beta type operators Untitled PDF
İsmet Yüksel, ülkü Dinlemez
Properties of Pre A*-Functions PDF
J. Venkateswara Rao, Tesfamariam Tadesse, Habtu Alemayehu
Blow-Up and Global Solutions of a Wave Equation with the Initial-Boundary Conditions PDF
Ülkü Dinlemez, Saghar Nabdel
Prolongations of Golden Structure to Tangent Bundle of Order 2 PDF
Mustafa Özkan, Ayşe Asuman Çıtlak, Emel Taylan
Durrmeyer-Type Generalization of Mittag-Leffler Operators PDF
Gurhan Icoz, Bayram Cekim
A Note on Multivariate Lyapunov-type Inequality PDF
Mustafa Fahri Aktaş, Devrim Çakmak
q-Bernoulli Matrices and Their Some Properties PDF
Naim Tuglu, Semra Kuş

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Dual-Stator PMSG for Low Speed Applications PDF
Ali Reza Dehghanzadeh, Vahid Behjat
Characterization of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator Under Various Geometric Parameters for Improved Performance PDF
Maryam Shokri, Vahid Behjat, Naghi Rostami

Chemical Engineering

Production of Ti-Fe Based MgAl2O4 Composite Material by Pressureless Infiltration Method PDF
İbrahim Bilici, Metin GÜRÜ, Süleyman Tekeli

Mechanical Engineering

An analytical solution of bimetal rod extrusion process through conical dies PDF
Heshmatollah Haghighat, H. Askar
Isothermal Degradation studies of orange peels ash on the thermal properties of high density polyethylene PDF
V. S. Aigbodion, S. B. Hassan, C. U. Atuanya


Optimization and Decision Making Stages for Multiple Responses: An Application of NSGA-II and FCM Clustering Algorithm PDF
Özlem Türkşen
A Study on Time Series Clustering PDF
Filiz Kardiyen, Hilal Güney