Vol 24, No 3 (2011)

Table of Contents


Chlorpyrifos Induced Cardiotoxicity in Rats and the Protective Role of Quercetin and Catechin PDF
Hatice Bas, Yusuf Kalender
Investigation of Digestive Tract of Sphex flavipennis Fabrius, 1793 (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae): Morphology and Ultrastructure PDF
Filiz Demir, Menderes Suicmez


Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Screening of Ni(II), Cu(II) and Co(II) Complexes of Some Schiff Base Ligands Derived from 5-Aminouracil PDF
Gamze Koz, Hale Kaya, Demet Astley, İhsan Yasa, Stephen Thomas Astley


Copulas with Directional Dependence Property PDF
Engin A. Sungur, Salih Çelebioğlu

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Estimation of Target Size on the Infrared Image Taken from Different Distances PDF
Yalcin Ata, Cem Nakiboglu
A Fault Diagnosis of Engine Starting System Via Starter Motors Using Fuzzy Logic Algorithm PDF
Raif Bayir, Omer Faruk Bay

Computer Engineering

A Survey of Multicast Routing Protocols in Ad-Hoc Networks PDF
Mohammed Rashad BAKER, Mehmet Ali Akcayol

Civil Engineering

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Isolated and Fixed-Base Reinforced Concrete Structures PDF
Mehmet A Komur, Turan Karabork, Ibrahim O Deneme
Selection of Contractors for Middle-Sized Projects in Turkey PDF
Sema Ergonul, Aysegull Yilmaz

Chemical Engineering

A Preliminary Environmental Assessment of Power Generation Systems for a Stand-Alone Mobile House with Cradle to Gate Approach PDF
Suat Sevencan, Gokcen Alev Altun-Ciftcioglu, Neset Mehmet Arif Kadirgan
Determination of 40K in Beach Sand and Seawater Samples at Sarımsaklı Beach of Aegean Sea (Turkey) PDF
Sevilay Hacıyakupoğlu, Seyda Tezsezer, Esra Orucoglu
Excellent Adhesion of Carbon Fibers to Polyurethane Matrix and Substantial Improvement of the Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane PDF () PDF
M. Ozgur Seydibeyoglu
Corrosion Inhibition Propargyl Alcohol on Low Alloy Cr Steel in 0.5 M H2SO4 in the Absence and Presence of Potassium Iodide PDF
Fatemeh Baghaei Ravari, Mahdi Heydari, Athareh Dadgarineghad
Investigating the Formation Mechanisms of Cu0.83Si0.17 Intermetallic Phase Formed at Cu-Si and Cu-(5at%)Nb/Si Interfaces PDF
Husniye Guler, Ahmet Macit Ozenbas

Mechanical Engineering

Environmental Life-Cycle Impacts of a Single-family House in Portugal: Assessing Alternative Exterior Walls with two Methods PDF
Helena Isabel Monteiro, Fausto Miguel Freire
Investigation on the Usage of Some Non-Almandine Garnet Minerals as Abrasive Material in Waterjet Cutting PDF
Irfan Celal Engin, Erkan Ozkan, Seyfi Kulaksiz

Architecture & City and Urban Planning

Does Student Behavior Differ In Relation To Perception / Evaluation of Campus Environments? A Post-occupancy Research in Two University Campuses PDF
ebru cubukcu, Zeynep Niyazoglu Isitan
Rural Poverty Dynamics: An Evaluation on Agricultural Policies of Turkey PDF
Ela Atac
A Comparative Investigation of Spatial Organization and Industrial Location Interaction in Context of the Automotive Industry PDF
Nihal Senlier, Tayfun Salihoglu, Reyhan Yildiz
Assessment of Environmental Impact of Thai Housing PDF
Nachawit Tikul, Panya Srichandr
A Proposal for Sustainable Urban Conservation and Rehabilitation of Ulucanlar District, Ankara PDF
Ozlem Sagıroglu, Behiye Isık Aksulu
Ecological Building Design Criteria: A Case Study in Ankara PDF
Arzuhan Burcu GULTEKIN, Bengu Alparslan
Guidelines for Ecological and Technological Built Environment: A Case Study on Güdül-Ankara, Turkey PDF
Ozge Ercoskun, Sule Karaaslan
Opportunities for Sustainable Industrial Development in Turkey: Eco-Industrial Parks PDF
Nihal Şenlier, Ayşe Nur Albayrak
The Control of Energy Consumption and The Investigation of CO2 Emissions in The Production of Aggregate PDF
Atac Bascetin, Deniz Adıguzel, Serkan Tuylu, Abdulkadir Karadogan, Mehmet Caglayan