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Posted: 2012-03-20
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Vol 28, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


A New Laccase-Based Biosensor for Epinephrine Determination PDF
Fatma Arslan, Selma Durmuş, Özlem Çolak, Halit Arslan
Some novel antimicrobial therapeutic agents for acetylcholinesterase inhibitors; synthesis of hydroxyquinoline ester involving amino acid PDF
İffet Şakıyan, Elif Aynacı, Fatma Arslan, Hatice Öğütcü, Nurşen Sarı
A Practical and Highly Efficient Synthesis of 1,2,4,5-Tetrasubstituted Imidazoles Using 2-Ethylhexanoic acid as a Reusable Organocatalyst and Reaction Medium PDF
Rahim Hekmatshoar, Mojgan Kargar, Abdoljalil Mostashari, Zahra Hashemi, Fereshteh Goli, Farnoush Mousavizadeh


Time-dependent analysis for a Two-Unit System with Connecting and Disconnecting Effect PDF
Alim Mijit
Soft Semi-I-Continuous Functions PDF
Metin Akdağ, Fethullah Erol, Yunus Bingöl
Pressure corrections in the potential flow analysis of Electrohydrodynamics Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability of Cylindrical Interface through Porous Media PDF
Neeraj Dhiman, Mukesh Kumar Awasthi, Sunny Chauhan
Determinants of Circulant Matrices with Some Certain Sequences PDF
Ercan Altınışık, Şerife Büyükköse
Improved Bounds for the Extremal non-trivial Laplacian Eigenvalues PDF
Şerife Büyükköse, Ercan Altınışık, Feyza Yalçın
Completion of Vector Metric Spaces PDF
Cüneyt Çevik
Tripled Fixed Point Results in Generalized Metric Spaces under Nonlinear Type Contractions Depended on another Function PDF
Manoj Ughade, R. D. Daheriya


A new estimator for stationary distribution of the inventory model of type (s, S) PDF
Esra Gokpinar, Tahir Khaniyev, Hamza Gamgam, Fikri Gokpinar
Parameter Estimation by Fuzzy Adaptive Networks and Comparison with Robust Regression Methods PDF
Kamile Şanlı Kula, Türkan Erbay Dalkılıç
A Hybrid Applied Optimization Algorithm for Training Multi-Layer Neural Networks in the Data Classification PDF
H. Hasan Örkçü, Mustafa İsa Doğan, Mediha Örkçü

Computer Engineering

Investigation of The Morphological And Color Changes of Damaged Green Plums During Storage Time Using Digital Image Processing Techniques PDF
Mahmut Sinecen, Riza Temizkan, Cengiz Caner

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Trajectory Tracking Control of an Industrial Robot Manipulator Using Fuzzy SMC with RBFNN PDF
Ayça Gökhan Ak, Galip Cansever, Akın Delibaşı

Mechanical Engineering

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of one Dimensional Heat Transfer on Open Cell Aluminum Foams PDF
Ahmet Ali Sertkaya, Ali Ateş, Kemal Altınışık, Kevser Dinçer
An Experimental Study on the effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication on Drilling AISI 1040 Steel PDF
A.M.M. Nazmul Ahsan, Md. Golam Kibria, Md. Raju Ahmed