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Posted: 2012-03-20
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Vol 28, No 4 (2015)

Table of Contents

Computer Engineering

Ensuring Success in a Large Scale Software Project: An Examination of the Learning Styles and Characteristics of the Potential End Users PDF
Yavuz İnal, Hacer Güner


Lead Nitrate Induced Toxic Effects on Small Intestine Tissues of Rats in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Rats: Role of Sodium Selenite PDF
Çağlar Adıgüzel, Yusuf Kalender
The Presence of Berteroa Incana (L.) DC. in Turkey PDF
Mehmet Ufuk Özbek, Sırrı Yüzbaşıoğlu, Funda Özbek, Barış Bani


A Time Series Approach for Precipitation in Turkey PDF
Mesut Balıbey, Serpil Türkyılmaz
Investigation of Optimist and Pessimist Situations via DEA with Fuzzified Data: Banking Example PDF
Ayhan Gölcükcü


Non-PT Symmetric Potentials and (1+1) Dirac Equation PDF
Özlem Yeşiltaş
The Study OF Structural, Electronic, Elastic and Optical Properties in Be1-XZnxSe Alloys PDF
Ali Gültekin, Mustafa Kemal Öztürk, Mehmet Tamer, Yunus Baş, Süleyman Özçelik

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Modelling and Analysing of Electricity Transmission Infrastructure of Ankara, Turkey: A Case Study on the Critical Line Scenarios PDF
Ramazan Bayindir, Mehmet Yesilbudak, Umut Cetinkaya
Step-Up DC/DC Converter Based on Partial Power Processing PDF
Ebrahim Salary, Mohammad Reza Banaei, Ali Ajami

Architecture & City and Urban Planning

Physico-Chemical, Petrographical and Mechanical Properties of Mortars used in an Ancient Roman Basilica in Amasra/Turkey PDF PDF
Sedat Kurugöl, Ahmet Güleç
Spatio-Temporal Pedestrian Accident Analysis to Improve Urban Pedestrian Safety: The case of the Eskisehir Motorway PDF
Ömür Kaygisiz, Ahmet Yildiz, Sebnem Duzgun


On the Numerical Solution of Evolution Equation via Soliton Kernels PDF
Marjan Uddin, Irshad Ali Shah, Hazrat Ali
Common Fixed Point Theorems via (ψ,α,β)-weak Contractions PDF
Sumitra Dalal, Sunny Chauhan, Shikha Chaudhari
g- reciprocal Continuity in Probabilistic Metric Spaces PDF
Arvind Bhatt
On Approximate Solution of Weakly-Singular Integro-dynamic Equation on Time Scales PDF
Adil Mısır, Süleyman Öğrekçi
Fixed Point Results for Contraction Mappings in G_b- Cone Metric Spaces PDF
Manoj Ughade, R.D. Daheriya
Homothetic Motions at with Split Octonions PDF
Mehdi Jafari
Riemann Zeta Matrix Function PDF
Levent Kargın, Veli Kurt
A New Implicit Block Method for Solving Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations Directly PDF
Zurni Omar, John Olusola Kuboye
generalizations of the Feng Qi Type Inequality for Pseudo-Integral PDF
Bayaz Daraby, Amir Shafiloo, Asghar Rahimi
Common Fixed Points for (ψ,ℱ,α,β)-weakly Contractive Mappings in Generalized Metric Spaces via New Functions PDF
Huseyin Isık, Arslan H. Ansari, Duran Turkoglu, Sumit Chandok
The Upper Bound for the Largest Signless Laplacian Eigenvalue of Weighted Graphs PDF
Şerife Büyükköse, Nurşah mutlu
Taylor Polynomial Solutions of Second Order Linear Partial Differential Equations with Three Variables PDF
Cenk Keşan
Fixed Points Of Mappings On The Fuzzy Reflexive Spaces PDF
Bayaz Daraby, Z. Solimani