K.Harshavardhana Reddy, Sudha Ramasamy, Prabhu Ramanathan
2.543 487


This paper presents a Hybrid Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Control technique for speed control of BLDC motor drives. The proposed controller is an integration of adaptive neuro fuzzy, Fuzzy PID and PD controllers. The objective is to utilize the best attribute of Fuzzy PID and PD controllers, which produces better response than the neuro fuzzy controllers. The Error Back Propagation learning algorithm is used to train the data to minimize learning error to the possible extent. To validate the performance of proposed controller, simulations are done in MATLAB and comparison is made with conventional PI, PD and fuzzy PID controllers. In addition, the performance of proposed controller is bench marked with other controllers reported in literature. The results of the proposed controller are promising in terms of quick settling time, zero peak overshoot and zero steady state error.  


Brushless DC Motor, Fuzzy PID controller, adaptive neuro fuzzy controller, Speed Control.

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