Roshanak Gholipour Shayan
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 Pol Bazaars have been one of the important and the most rare and uncommon architectures throughout history and in connecting economic, social, cultural activities and it is necessary to restore and preserve these structures for their particular functionality and cultural heritage value. Tabriz Bazaar as one of the major commercial hub of Iran is the backbone of Tabriz urban space and in interaction and coordination with the activities that people need in an urban area. Economic, social, cultural activities in Tabriz Bazaar extended growth and development of Bazaar to the north of the city and thus created an architectural – urban space the name of Pol Bazaar on the Mehran River that the urban area caused space continuity between part of the old and new in town.

The focus of this paper is firstly to introduce the only five Pol bazaars of the world and their roles as an interactive architectural - urban space. We have done field studies and compared similar experiences in Iran with getting use of library studies method. By analyzing derived information, studying reconstructive design and reviving pol bazaar was done in order to revive a valuable structural space. We also provide some solutions in this regard.


Key word : Pol bazaar – Architectural and urban space – Tabriz bazaar

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