Homothetic Motions at with Split Octonions

Mehdi Jafari
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In this paper, a matrix which is similar to Hamilton operators has been developed for split-octonions in eight dimensional semi-Euclidean space  and a new motion has been defined by this matrix. It is shown that this is a homothetic motion. Furthermore, it is found that the motion defined by a regular curve of order r has only one acceleration center of order (r-1) at every instant t.


Hamilton Operator, split octonion.

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Prof. Dr. Yusuf YAYLI (Ankara university)

Asso. Prof. Hesna KABADAYI (Ankara university)

Prof. Dr. Hilmi Hacisalihoglu (Bilecik uni.)

Asso. Professor Sidikka OZKALDI (Bilecik uni.)