Study on abrasive mixing chamber of pre-mixed water jet

Meng Junqing, Nie Baisheng, Ma Yechao, Zhao Bi
1.724 592


In order to reveal the flow law of isothermal, incompressible, steady, liquid-solid turbulent flow in mixing chamber of premixed abrasive water jet, the FLUENT software is used. The flow law of liquid-solid two phase flow is obtained. Abrasive mixing chamber models with four different sizes are used in this simulation, key design parameters of mine abrasive mixing chamber are determined. The flow laws of liquid-solid two phase flow in abrasive mixing chamber model with 7 different abrasive volume fraction are simulated, the results indicate that, the system have better cutting effect when abrasive volume fraction between 6%-10%. The results have important theoretical basis on optimum performances, material and parameters of mining abrasive mixing chamber. According to the numerical simulation and the theoretical analysis mining abrasive mixing chamber is developed, and the laboratory cutting experiments is investigated, the needed mining abrasive mixing chamber is gotten. This research has great significance on coal mine gas disaster prediction, gas drainage and safety production.


pre-mix; water jet; abrasive mixing chamber; numerical simulation; safety cutting

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