Experimental and Numerical Analysis of one Dimensional Heat Transfer on Open Cell Aluminum Foams

Ahmet Ali Sertkaya, Ali Ateş, Kemal Altınışık, Kevser Dinçer
3.041 941


In this study, one dimensional heat transfer of open cell aluminum metal foams is investigated both experimentally and by using numerical methods as well. Open cell aluminum foams with pore densities of 10, 20 and 30 (Number of Pores Per Inch) PPI were shaped into heat exchangers. The foams having sizes of 200 x 100 x 20 mm were insulated on their three faces. Steady heat flux was maintained on the base section of the foam by heating a plate shaped coil electrically. Temperature distributions on the vertical sections and mostly on locations near heaters were measured with the thermocouples located on the aluminum foams. With the help of the recorded temperatures from the tests the graphs of open cell aluminum foams with pore densities of 10, 20 and 30 were plotted. First of all, one dimensional heat transfer equations were derived for the numerical solution of the system. The governing equations obtained were then discretized by using the Central Difference Method and finally solved with the Finite Difference Method. The results obtained were converted into graphs and compared with the empirical results obtained beforehand. The fastest drop in temperature close to the heater was observed at the foam with 10 PPI while the lowest falling rate took place at the foam with 30 PPI pore density. At an interval of three aluminum foams, the temperature difference was found to be higher near the heater and lower away from the heater. It was found that both experimental and numerical results are closely related.un → trr


porous media, open-cell aluminum foam, convection-conduction heat transfer

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