Analysis of Hopping Conduction and Space Charge Limited Currents in Nearly Ideal Metal/Semiconductor Contacts

Haluk KORALAY, Nihat TUĞLUOĞLU, Kübra Bengin AKGÜL, Şükrü ÇAVDAR
1.826 631


We have formed intimate Au/n-Si Schottky contact and deposited gold (Au) metal on n-Si (100) using thermally evaporation method for an explanation of space charge limited current (SCLC) and Pool-Frenkel (PF) effect in intimate metal/semiconductor contacts. The device showed good intimate rectifying behavior. To observe the SCLC mechanism and PF effect, the log (I)−log (V) and - curves is plotted. The localized state density is determined as 7.12 x 1011 eV-1 cm-3. At the same time the main diode parameters such as ideality factor and barrier height are determined as 1.048 and 0.807 eV, respectively.


Intimate contact, I-V, Space charge limited current, Pool-Frenkel effect, ideality factor, Schottky barrier height.

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