Determination and Assessment of Metal Levels in Thermal Waters

Orhan ACAR, Orhan Murat KALFA, Özcan YALÇINKAYA, Ali Rehber TÜRKER
1.954 576



Concentration levels of metals (Cd, Pb, Fe, Zn, Ca, Mg, Na and K) in the thermal waters of Karakaya-Ayaş, İçmece-Ayaş, Beypazarı, Haymana and Kızılcahamam spas containing highly complex matrices and in water standard reference materials (SRMs: Spsww-1 and 1643e) were determined by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometer (ETAAS), flame atomic absorption spectrometer (FAAS) and FAAS with atomic emission mode. Pyrolysis and atomization temperatures, atomization and background signals of Cd and Pb by ETAAS were investigated with Ni, Ni+Ru and Ni+Ru+CA modifier mixture and without. Concentrations of analytes found in the thermal waters were compared with water quality guidelines of the World Health Organization, European Legislation, Environment Protection Agency (US EPA) and the Turkish standards and regulations.


Key Words: Ni+Ru+citric acid modifier mixture, ETAAS, FAAS, thermal waters, metals


Ni+Ru+citric acid modifier mixture; ETAAS; FAAS; thermal waters; metals

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