An Economical and Green Synthesis of Spiro[diindeno[1,2-b:2,1-e]pyridine-11,3-indoline]-trione Derivatives through Multi-Component Reaction by Br¢nsted Acidic Ionic Liquid Catalyst

Majid M. Heravi, Zeinab Teymuri, Narges Karimi, Yahya S. Beheshtiha, Niloofar Tavakoli
2.086 658


Synthesis of spiro[diindenopyridine-indoline]-triones by one-pot condensation of 1,3-indandione, isatin and aniline by Brønsted acid ionic liquid (BAIL),1-(4-sulfonicacid)butyl-3-methylimidazolium hydrogen sulfate ([(CH2)4SO3HMIM][HSO4]), as reusable and an economical catalyst in water under reflux condition.


Water; Ionic liquid; isatin; aniline

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