Control of a Novel UPFC Based on Nine Switch AC/AC Converter

Mohamad Reza BANAEI, Farhad Mohajel KAZEMI, Ali Reza DEHGHANZADEH
2.081 420


Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) is one of the typical FACTS devices capable of instantaneous control of three system parameters. In this paper a novel configuration of UPFC which consists of a nine-switch ac/ac converter parallel with a series capacitor has been proposed to inject desired series voltage. It means that operation of nine-switch ac/ac converter in this configuration is the same as combination of two dc/ac converter in conventional UPFC. However, proposed configuration needs fewer power electronics switches and gate drive circuits and control scheme becomes simpler than conventional UPFC configuration. The main reasons for using series capacitor parallel with nine–switch ac/ac converter  are reduction of injection voltage’s THD, elimination of output passive filter, and reduction of converters power rating in comparison with conventional UPFC consisted of series and shunt converters. The proposed UPFC is simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK software and simulation results are presented to indicate well-performance of the novel configuration of UPFC.

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