A New Approach To Cross Efficiency In Data Envelopment Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Turkey Cities

H.Hasan ÖRKCÜ, Hasan BAL
1.842 822


The cross-efficiency evaluation (CEE) method, which was developed as a contribution to classical Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), has been successively used to solve problems involving unrealistic weight distribution as well as problems that do not require prior information for ranking the decision making units (DMUs). Originally, the CEE method included the efficiency evaluations that were obtained for a DMU by the classical DEA for the reuse of optimal weights in the other DMUs. As the optimal weights in the classical DEA solutions usually have multiple solutions, this reduces the usefulness of the CEE method. Hence, this study suggests a new technique that could be used in the second stage of the CEE method for removing the problem of multiple optimal weights and for determining the reasonable ranks of DMUs. The performance of the proposed model is examined on real data set relative to the efficiencies of Turkey cities.



                Key Words: Data envelopment analysis, cross

                                    efficiency, ranking.



Data envelopment analysis, cross efficiency, ranking.

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