Damping of Power System Oscillations Using UPFC Based Multipoint Tuning AIPSO-SA Algorithm

ali Ajami, Hamed Asadzadeh
1.604 517


Power system dynamic stability enhancement by UPFC-based stabilizers is thoroughly investigated in this paper. This study presents singular value decomposition (SVD) based approach to assess and measure the controllability of the poorly damped electromechanical modes by different control signals of UPFC. The supplementary controller of UPFC to damping the low frequency oscillation in a weakly connected system is presented. Individual designs of the UPFC controller using adaptive improved particle swarm optimization hybrid with simulated annealing (AIPSO-SA) are discussed. In this paper, the UPFC based controllers' parameters are optimized over a wide range of operating conditions and system parameter uncertainties (multi point tuning) in order to have robust stabilizers. The effectiveness of proposed controller on enhancing dynamic stability is tested through eigen value analysis and time domain simulation. Also nonlinear and electrical simulation results show the validity and effectiveness of the proposed control schemes over a wide range of loading conditions. It is also observed that the proposed UPFC-based damping stabilizers enhance greatly the power system transient stability. Also the simulation results of coordinated design of stabilizer based on δSH and mSE is presented and discussed.


Power System Stability; Low Frequency Oscillation Damping; Dynamic Modeling; UPFC; AIPSO-SA

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