A Comparative Study on the Estimation of the Shear Strength of Rock Masses Using Rock SSPC System and Hoek-Brown Criterion

Şule TUDES, Nurcihan CERYAN
2.293 596


The shear strength of rock masses has vital importance for geotechnical projects such as slope stability, foundation and tunnels. The shear strength of the jointed rock mass can be estimated by different methods including large-scale testing, back calculation, rock mass classification system and empirical criterion. In this study, the peak and residual shear strength envelopes of jointed magmatic rock masses assessed using the Hoek-Brown criterion were compared with those assessed using the SSPC system The rocks masses evaluated in this study were outcropped at Gümüşhane-Giresun highway, NE of Turkey. The geotechnical units were separated from the rock masses using the lithological features, the weathering state and the frequency of discontinuity. It is determined that the meaningful relationships can be obtained between the values of shear strength parameters of the geotechnical units obtained by Hoek-Brown failure criterion and SSPC system

Key Words: : jointed rock masses, magmatic rocks, shear strength, SSPC, Hoek-Brown criterion.



jointed rock masses, magmatic rocks, shear strength, SSPC, Hoek-Brown criterion

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