A Parameter Monitoring System for Induction Motors Based on Zigbee Protocol

Ramazan BAYINDIR, Mehmet SEN
2.794 471


In this study, a wireless control and monitoring system for an induction motor is realized using the Zigbee communication protocol for safe and economic data communication in industrial fields where the wired communication is either more expensive or impossible due to physical conditions. The induction motor can be started and stopped wireless due to the computer interface developed with Zigbee. It is also possible to protect of the motor against some faults such as over current, higher/lower voltage, over temperature in windings, overloading of motor. Moreover, a database is built to execute online measurements and to save the motor parameters received by radio frequency (RF) data acquisition system. Therefore, controlling, monitoring, and protection of the system are realized in real time. Since the wireless communication technology is used in this study, controlling abilities of the system are increased and also hardware and the necessities of other similar equipment for data communication are minimized.


Key Words: Induction motor, Zigbee, wireless data communication


Induction motor, Zigbee, wireless data communication

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