An Expert System Approach For High School Type Selection

Adnan AKTEPE, Suleyman ERSOZ
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An expert system is a computer program that imitates the procedures by which experts solve problems. This paper describes an expert system application which provides advice to primary school students who are seeking assistance in determining high school type. The system gathers information about student grade point average (GPA), centralized exam score, personality type and socio-economic factors. It assesses student qualifications for seven different school types in Turkey. The expert system recommends a school type for the students and produces a short report explaining the reasons of recommendation. Student GPA and centralized exam score are considered as technical criteria. In addition, social and socio-economic factors such as personality type, parental involvement etc. affecting the decision process are also considered and included in the model.

Key Words: High School Type Selection, Expert Systems.


High School Type Selection, Expert Systems..

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