A Comparative Investigation of Spatial Organization and Industrial Location Interaction in Context of the Automotive Industry

Nihal Senlier, Tayfun Salihoglu, Reyhan Yildiz
2.421 528


Otomotive industry has an important role as one of the locomotive sectors of the economy in the world due to the leadership of technological development. Today, as a strategic industry, it draw attention from all countries, rapidly globalization and competition is hardly exist. In recent years, Turkey has been an important peripherial region for European otomotive geography as a result of desantralization policies and development strategies towards new regions of European otomobile industry since second part of the twentieth century. Strength points of otomotive industry in Turkey in terms of competition are low labour cost, powerful capital structure, joint venture, strong first tier suppliers, proximity to developed European markets and developing regional markets. In this study, first, an introductry brief about the subject was given, following the literature review on the technological development and industrial space interactions specifically automotive industry. Then, case studies were example of otomotive industry regions regarded as successful within the European otomotive geography were presented and Kocaeli otomotive industry region is investigated comparatively. Finally, general conclusions are drawn.


Keywords: Spatial Organization , Industrial Location, Otomotive Industry



Spatial Organization , Industrial Location, Otomotive Industry

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