Gated Communities in Ankara, Turkey: Park Renaissance Residences as a Reaction to Fear of Crime

Özlem GÜZEY, Zuhal ÖZCAN
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Gated communities have become a major subject in the related literature with their development as a new way of life with an increasing element of isolation on space and evaluated through demand-and supply-side discussions originating from the reasons of their emergence in the big cities, further criticized as a reflection of income polarisation and segregation.


The research makes a brief discussion on the reasons behind the development of gated communities based on a literature survey and case study analysis in Park Renaissance Residences in Ankara, proving the fact that the primary reason is the fear of crime, followed by lifestyle the gated communities present for the higher-income groups preferring to live in a unique community order in the case of Park Renaissance Residences altough this example cannot give the signs of a community like their European counterparts.


Keywords: Gated communities, security, Ankara, polarisation


Gated communities, security, Ankara, polarisation

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