An EPR Study of Gamma Irradiated Medicinal Plants:Cress Seeds and Mistletoe

Zeynep Yarbasi, Bunyamin KARABULUT, Abdulhalik KARABULUT
1.746 507


The EPR spectral properties of non-irradiated and gamma-irradiated dry plants, cress seeds and mistletoe, have been studied with electron paramagnetic resonance method and the differences between non-irradiated and irradiated samples have been determined within this study. It has been shown that EPR spectra of these non-irradiated samples have very weak signal. But these plants have an intense EPR resonance line after irradiation with g value of 2.0046 ±0.0005.


Keywords:  EPR, Gamma irradiation, Medicinal plants.


EPR, Gamma irradiation, Medicinal plants.

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