Adaptive Frequency Estimation of Distorted Power System Signals Using Modified Extended Kalman Filter

Cengiz Polat Uzunoğlu, Serap Çekli, Mukden Uğur
2.030 654


This research presents a method for frequency estimation of distorted power system signals using a modified Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). Distorted signals which have been obtained from measurements may involve noises which may affect the accuracy of frequency measurement in a power system. Thus, the proposed method is employed to eliminate and filter noise and hence to improve the efficiency of frequency estimation. Computer simulations have been carried out for the performance analysis of the proposed method and the comparison of the results of the proposed method with the former Extended Kalman Filter results are presented. The effectiveness of the new approach in power system frequency estimation was emphasized.


Modified Extended Kalman filter, Frequency estimation, Power system

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