Effect of Waste Polymer Additives on the Properties of Acid Resistant Composites

Mirabbos HOJAMBERDIEV, Zamira MUHAMEDBAEVA, Yunhua XU, Fazhan Wang, Surayo JULCHIEVA
1.566 301


The present work describes preparation of acid resistant composites from porphyrite and wollastonite by adding wastes of furfurol (PA1) and furfuryl alcohol (PA2) production as the polymer additives. The effects of waste polymer additives on the compressive strength, chemical resistance and adhesive ability of the composites were examined. The mechanism of the hydration process and phase evaluation of the composites were investigated using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM), differential thermal analysis (DTA) and IR spectroscopy. The results indicated that hardening of the composites promoted formation of chemical bond between constituents and calcium fluoride compounds. Comparative study showed that the porphyrite composite (Sample P-2) with 1% PA1 additive and porphyrite – wollastonite composite (Sample PW-9) with 2% PA2 additive have optimal parameters among the samples. Acid resistance and compressive strength of prepared composites applied to surfaces of metal and ceramic materials were determined and enhanced properties of porphyrite – wollastonite composite with additive PA2 were found to be in metal (2.4 ĞPĞ°). The reason for the improvement of the chemical resistance and compressive strength of the composites may be attributed to the formation of the amorphous silicon phase.

 Key Words: Porphyrite, Wollastonite, Industrial wastes, Polymer additives, Acid resistant composite.



Polymer additives

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