Cam Motion Tuning of Shedding Mechanism for Vibration Reduction of Heald Frame

Sadettin KAPUCU, M. Taylan DAS, Ali KILIÇ
1.913 607


This paper presents a new approach to eliminate the residual vibration of shedding system and the associated mechanism that connects the heddle shafts with the cam mechanisms. Effective cam design method which is based on motion design of the cam pitch curve by “blends” of the traditional profiles, formed by superimposing three functions; a cycloid, a ramped versine, and a ramp called as ramp-plus-ramped cycloid-plus-ramped versine is proposed in this study. This function is reshaped using the system’s natural frequency and damping ratio to yield almost zero residual vibration of the heddle shaft. The proposed method is then compared with the well known cam curves and its applicability is shown by simulation and experimental results. The results show that the proposed method is quite effective for fast vibration free motion of the heald frame.

 Key Words: Shedding system, Cam tuning, Motion design, Residual vibration elimination.


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