Dye Biosorption from Aqueous Solutions by Fomitopsis Pinicola (Sw.) P. Karst.

Ali Sınağ, Ilgaz AKATA, Cemil İSLEK
1.666 310


Methylene Blue adsorption by Fomitopsis pinicola (Sw.) P. Karst. collected from Kızılcahamam Işık Mountain, Ankara (Turkey) was investigated. Different initial dye concentrations, adsorbent doses, initial pH and temperature levels of the adsorption capacity of Fomitopsis pinicola were tested in order to reveal the stability and adsorption capacity of the fungus. The effect of the experimental parameters on the adsorption process was also described. The equilibrium binding was described in terms of Langmuir isotherm depending on the dye concentration. Desorption studies were also conducted. The results obtained from the batch experiments revealed the ability of the fungus to remove methylene blue. Thermodynamic parameters, i.e., Gibbs free energy, enthalpy and entropy changes were also calculated. From the calculated kinetic parameters, it can be concluded that adsorption data were also fitted to the pseudo-second-order kinetic model. From the results obtained, it can be suggested that Fomitopsis pinicola can be used as a low-cost biosorbent in wastewater treatments.


Key Words: Fomitopsis pinicola; Methylene Blue; Adsorption; Biosorption.


Fomitopsis pinicola; Methylene Blue; Adsorption; Biosorption.

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