Dynamic Simulations & Animations of the Classical Control Techniques with Linear Transformations

Ahmet ALTINTAŞ, Mehmet Emin GÜVEN
1.569 401


Teaching and learning techniques using computer-based resources greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the learning process. Currently, there are a lot of simulation and animation packages in use, and some of them are developed for educational purposes. The dynamic simulations-animations (DSA) allow us to see physical movement of the different pieces according to the modeled system. Education-purposed packages cannot be sufficiently flexible in different branches of  science. Therefore, some educators prefer developing their own simulation and animation packages. This paper reports on the developing of dynamic simulation/animation using classical control techniques  to enhance learning and interest for the courses of automatic control systems. Thus, the effects of control techniques on system performance will be observed visually with ease. A new point of view is also introduced to educators in order to realize personal DSAs. DSAs have been realized with computer graphics using fundamental linear transformations. In addition, the paper briefly introduces several exemplary applications related to electrical and robotics engineering.


Key Words: Control techniques, Animation, Linear transformations, Computer graphics

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