Bending Strength of Screwed Corner Joints with Different Materials

Ali KASAL, Sıddık ŞENER, Çağatay Mehmet BELGİN, Hasan EFE
1.653 414


Tests were carried out in order to determine the bending strength with compression and tension force with and without glue in addition to screws on furniture corner joints in a construction case. The specimens were prepared with particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF) surfaced with a synthetic resin sheet. In the connection, two types of screws which have dimensions of 4/50 mm and 5/60 mm were used. For the glued joints, polyurethane Desmodur-VTKA adhesive was used. As a result of these tests it has been determined that the joints with glue are better than the ones without glue and the strength of fiberboard is better than particleboard. 


Keywords: Bending strength, compression test, tension test, particleboard, wood testing, screws.

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