Dissolution Kinetics of Magmatic Rocks via Ultrasonic Leaching for Calcium, Magnesium and Aluminum

Mehmet Hikmet ÖZKAN, Ramazan GÜRKAN, Aysun ÖZKAN, Mehmet AKÇAY
1.528 707


Ultrasound is known to enhance solid-liquid interface reactions. This study deals with the investigation of the dissolution of quartz monzonite from magmatic rock class in hydrochloric acid of 1.0% HCl (v/v) in the presence of ultrasound. Dissolution kinetics of ultrasonic leaching for destructive analysis of a magmatic rock sample was investigated. Various dissolution kinetics parameters such as dissolution order (n), dissolution rate constant (k), initial dissolution rate (ri) and maximum dissolution (Smax) were determined as the functions of the mass of sample, the grain size of sample and ultrasonication power for Ca, Mg and Al. The kinetic parameters were evaluated to reflect the quantitative aspect of the magmatic rock dissolution behavior.



Kinetics, Ultrasonic Metal Leaching, Partial Leaching, Magmatic Rocks.

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