A Hybrid Measure of Efficiency in Performance Measurement : An Application to Concrete Industries

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In the present competitive age, the organization tries to gain competitive edge. In order to gain competitive edge, the managers need to consider and analyze performance of their organizations and to decide to improve them. There are various approaches to evaluate the performance in which the criterion of efficiency of understudy units is being placed in efficiency frontier: Data envelopment analysis is one of these approaches and designed in two radial and non-radial categories. Both of these models have advantages and shortcomings. So applications of these models in performance measurement are difficult. In this article, the Hybrid model is presented as the more accurate and more comprehensive measure of evaluation, and effort have been made to present more realistic results for decision making. Then the method is applied to measure the efficiency of 24 Concrete parts producer industries and shows their results.


Key Words: Radial models, Non-Radial models, Data Envelopment Analysis Hybrid Model.


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