An Integrated Water Resources Management of Develi Closed Basin in Kayseri - Türkiye

Fatma Ebru YILDIZ, İbrahim GÜRER
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This study describes an integrated water budget model of Develi Closed Basin. Sultansazlığı Wetland, being as one of the seven important wetlands and the second important bird habitat of Turkiye, is placed in Develi Closed Basin. In the recent years, Sultansazlığı faced with water scarcity and salinity problems, there is an intensive irrigated agricultural practice around the wetland with abundant use of water due to wild flooding. In the content of this study; an integrated water budget of Develi Closed Basin was computed with a classical approach and also a dynamic water budget of the basin was simulated by STELLA® Educational Version 8.0. Groundwater budget, Sultansazlığı Wetland water budget and basin water budget calculations were modeled together in this integrated system.


Key Words: Key Words: Develi Closed Basin, Dynamic modeling, water resources management Sultansazlığı Wetland, STELLA®, water scarcity.

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