Electronic Cam Motion Generation by Using Stepper Motors and Pinion Gears

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Electronic cam is a combination of a computer program for motion definition and a high performance servo mechanism. In this study a new method for generating electronic cam motion is introduced. The proposed method, based on a Graphical User Interface (GUI), uses a stepper motor and a rack-pinion system. The proposed electronic cam allows the user to create any type of non-linear motion in setup limitations. The GUI offers to enter parameters of the stepper motor which will be used as an actuator, takes data of the cam from defined position, plots the basic graphs on cam-follower mechanism, gets parameters of the pinion gear converting the rotary motion into the linear motion, sets up the computer connection and runs the stepper motor in real time by using a PC’s parallel port. Besides, it allows the user to animate both classical and proposed cam mechanisms. With this method, one can obtain a high-speed, reliable and application-oriented motion, just as obtained from a mechanical cam system.


Key Words: Electronic Cam, GUI, Programming, Stepper Motor, Pinion Gear.

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