EMP Fusion

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This paper introduces a novel fusion scheme, called EMP Fusion, which has the promise of achieving breakeven and realizing commercial fusion power. The method is based on harnessing the power of an electromagnetic pulse generated by the now well-developed flux compression technology. The electromagnetic pulse acts as a means of both heating up the plasma and confining the plasma, eliminating intermediate steps. The EMP Fusion device is simpler compared to other fusion devices and this reduces capital and operating costs. Fuel used in the scheme is Lithium Deuteride, the fusion fuel with the least neutron production, and thus chances of radioactive pollution are significantly minimized as well. Numerical calculations have been performed to demonstrate the role of the Lorentz force in confining the superheated plasma, keeping plasma density at the levels needed for Lawson’s criterion, and allowing ignition to be achieved.


Key Words: Fusion, Electromagnetic Pulse, Lithium Deuteride, Lawson’s Criterion, Inertial Confinement Fusion, Clean Energy.

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