Determination of Optical Band Gaps and Structural Properties of Cu2+ Doped B2O3-Na2O-Al2O3-V2O5 Glasses

Gökhan KILIÇ, Ertunç ARAL
2.156 1.865


Two different groups of compositions for 80B2O3 + 15Na2O + (5-x) Al2O3 + (x) V2O5 and 85B2O3 + 10Na2O +(5-x) Al2O3 + (x) V2O5 (where x=1; 0.5 wt %) glass samples were prepared by quenching technique and doped with Cu2+ ions. Optical and structural properties of undoped glasses, and glasses doped with Cu2+ ions were examined. Their structural properties were determined with SEM images and EDX spectra. Optical band gaps of glass samples were determined for direct and indirect transitions from the transmittance spectra. Through the fundamental ultra violet absorption edges of the glasses, the optical band gap energies and Urbach energies were evaluated. Optical band gap energies were calculated to be within the range of 2.963–3.228 eV for direct and 2.592–2.807 eV for indirect transitions. The physical properties of all glasses were also evaluated with respect to the composition.


Key Words: Glasses, Vanadium, Semiconductors, Optical Properties.

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