Effects of the Locations of Curved Areas in the Main Living Rooms of Apartment Housing on User Perceptions

Kemal Yıldırım, M. Lütfi Hidayetoğlu
1.474 359


The objective of this study was to determine the effect of curved areas located in the main rooms of apartment housing on functional and perception-behavioral quality. For this purpose, some apartment houses in Cukurambar and Cigdem districts in Ankara were studied. They were believed to be occupied by upper middle socio-economic status and each of the houses studied had differently located curvilinear forms in the main living room. The use of the space, the users’ perception of the curved area, and the way it has been decorated and used have been examined with the help of a detailed questionnaire. According to the results, the use of space, its perceived quality and the user satisfaction varied depending on the location of the curved area. It was observed that in cases where curvilinear formation occurred in the main corner of the main living room, the furniture could not be positioned in accordance with the space and therefore some users either placed flowers-vases in the curvilinear volume or left it empty. If curvilinearity was in the center of main living room, then the settlement in the space was more appropriate and attractive.

 Keywords: Apartment housing, Living room, Curved area, Perception, Interior design.


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