Experimental Studies on Turning of Discontinuously Reinforced Aluminium Composites under Dry, OilWater Emulsion and Steam Lubricated Conditions Using TAGUCHIâs Technique

Raviraj SHETTY, R. PAI, S.S. RAO
1.631 502


This paper reports on the experimental investigations carried out under dry, oil water emulsion and steam lubricated conditions in turning of DRACs. The measured results were then collected and analyzed with the help of the commercial software package MINITAB15.  The experiments were planned on orthogonal arrays, made with prefixed cutting parameters and different lubricated conditions. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) was carried out to check the validity of the proposed parameters and also their percentage contributions. The results of the tests show that with proper selection of the range of cutting parameters, it is possible to obtain better performance under steam lubricated condition.


Key Words: DRACs, Cutting force, Cutting temperature, Design of experiments, ANOVA, Hystrix cristata.


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