Defining the Possible Molecular Structure of the Drug to Be Penetrated through Skin Layers Using Genetic Algorithm

Aysun COSKUN, Nursal ARICI
1.524 663


The scientists in the past when they were trying to solve the problem of relationship between parameters by using trial and errors method, due to increase of the number of parameters problem of deadlock or non-evaluation of the solution has occurred.  They tried to find new techniques in order to solve the problems of parameters and positive results were taken from genetic algorithms of artificial intelligence. Genetic algorithm which has an optimization technique has been identified as a non-traditional type of research techniques. The implementation of genetic algorithm have been realized in the identification of quotients of penetration of chemicals through skin and Delphi 7.0 and MOLGA (MOLecule and Genetic Algorithm) program was set up in this work. Genetic algorithm method was used in solving the problems of multi parameters optimization problems. 11 parameters were taken as the basis of the molecular structure of the chemicals, and random method has chosen in the optimization of the genetic algorithm. As the coherence function for the implementation of genetic algorithm regression equation of penetration through skin quotients based on the parameters have been used. It was seen that, when the quotients identified according to the MOLGA program results and molecular structure were compared there was very little margin of error. At the same time, molecular structure of the chemicals within MOLGA program has to be changed and developed.

Key words: Quotients of penetration, Genetic algorithms, Molga.


Quotients of penetration, Genetic algorithms, Molga

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