Effect of Humidification of Gases on First Home Constructed PEM Fuel Cell Stack Potential

Kemal ERSAN, Irfan AR, Sami TUKEK
1.926 302


In this study, experimental results of the PEM fuel cell stack, whose design and construction were belongs to us and uses hydrogen and dry air as fuel and oxidant, under humidification process are given. To measure the effects of operating variables, on the performance of a fuel cell, a fuel cell testing system which contains control and measurement systems in it, was built. It was also investigated the effect of humidification of anode and  cathode in fuel cell package, on stack performance. As a result, it was determined that, the potential obtained from fuel cell,  depends on the humidification process in great extent. The maximum potential was obtained by humidifying both anode and cathode (i.e. humidified hydrogen & dry air stream conditions). Moreover, effects of gas flow rate, air/fuel ratio and package temperature on performance were researched. It was found that the optimum air/fuel ratio is 20 at is 57oC.

Key Words: PEM Fuel cell, Stack performance, Membrane electrode assembly.


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